499 | Achievement Unlocked: Critical Role

Three and a half years ago (late 2017), I stumbled upon a web series that seemed to be taking the internet by storm (in certain geek-related circles). I kept hearing stories about this small group of voice actors who play Dungeons & Dragons and decided to take their home game to the next level by streaming it publicly for others to watch. Why you ask? […]

498 | Tension Reliever

WGT Golf is one of my favorite iOS apps for iPad!  While the graphics and gameplay is pretty realistic, I do have to say on many occasions the connectivity issues/buffering can be a bit annoying.  All that being said, it is quite nice being able to swing the club around all year long (especially now with 0° and below temps looming).  I wish I could […]

497 | Time Flies

Happy Heavenly 82nd Birthday, Dad!

496 | The Queen

She was our queen. Way back in 2001, we visited the local pound to find a furry addition to our family. The story is, we really didn’t pick her…she chose us. She warmed right up to us and we had so many great years with her. In 2012, she was diagnosed with kidney issues.  At that point, we thought her life would have been shortened. […]