500 | Milestone

WOW. Managed to hit the big 5-0-0. Where did the time go? Gee, I’ve got half a mind to journey back through the archives and take a look at the past. I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. My apologies. You would think I would have had more time to contribute due to the Pandemic…but unfortunately, that couldn’t be farther from […]

499 | Achievement Unlocked: Critical Role

Three and a half years ago (late 2017), I stumbled upon a web series that seemed to be taking the internet by storm (in certain geek-related circles). I kept hearing stories about this small group of voice actors who play Dungeons & Dragons and decided to take their home game to the next level by streaming it publicly for others to watch. Why you ask? […]

498 | Tension Reliever

WGT Golf is one of my favorite iOS apps for iPad!  While the graphics and gameplay is pretty realistic, I do have to say on many occasions the connectivity issues/buffering can be a bit annoying.  All that being said, it is quite nice being able to swing the club around all year long (especially now with 0° and below temps looming).  I wish I could […]

497 | Time Flies

Happy Heavenly 82nd Birthday, Dad!