496 | The Queen

She was our queen. Way back in 2001, we visited the local pound to find a furry addition to our family. The story is, we really didn’t pick her…she chose us. She warmed right up to us and we had so many great years with her. In 2012, she was diagnosed with kidney issues.  At that point, we thought her life would have been shortened. […]

495 | The War is Over

I am not an avid reader…and when I do, I’m a slow reader (which might drive many of you avid readers nuts). In most cases, my reading time comes late at night before I slip into unconsciousness. This, unfortunately, leads to many instances where I am up having to re-read passages from the night prior…and so forth. BUT, I do love losing myself in a […]

494 | Battle of the Kings

Trailer…did not disappoint. *squee*

493 | Epic Face-Off

Can’t wait!!! Godzilla: King of the Monsters was pretty good. Hope this one will live up to the hype!