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495 | The War is Over

I am not an avid reader…and when I do, I’m a slow reader (which might drive many of you avid readers nuts). In most cases, my reading time comes late at night before I slip into unconsciousness. This, unfortunately, leads to many instances where I am up having to re-read passages from the night prior…and so forth. BUT, I do love losing myself in a […]

494 | Battle of the Kings

Trailer…did not disappoint. *squee*

493 | Epic Face-Off

Can’t wait!!! Godzilla: King of the Monsters was pretty good. Hope this one will live up to the hype!

492 | Backstory: The Tale of Tso

Of eastern descent, Keth Sylorian was a child of noble birth. His elven father Cyleth and human mother Teka raised him, his brother Lom, and sister Zethra (from a previous marriage for Teka) in a small town on the eastern sea. At a young age, Keth was generally well mannered but a bit of a wild child (aka free- spirited) at times. His background is […]