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DIY downdraft table

434 | Sand Vacuumulation

I thought this was a great little invention.  For those of you who do woodworking or hobby projects, this downdraft table is easy-to-build and allows you to attach to your shop vac to suck up wood and dust particles while you are sanding, etc.  I’d be interested to see how well it works inside as well (since many of my projects get put on hold […]

284 | 30-Day iLearn/iCreate Challenge: Day 30

Here we are!  NUMBER 30!!!  The circle is now complete. Feels like the time went so quickly. I hope those of you who have been either following my blog, following my 30-day challenge, or simply found interest in a thing or two along the way, have been able to get something out of this for you.  It’s been a great exercise for me to explore […]

283 | Custom Charging Station Projects

http://makezine.com/2017/01/31/charging-stations-i-have-known/ How cool are these? Thanks to MakeZine, here are some interesting ideas for creating your very own custom charging stations.

281 | 30-Day iLearn/iCreate Challenge: Day 29

Lets face it. I’m a power user. I like my gadgets. Over the years, I’ve found myself with the unique ability to be both a generalist and specialist at times when it comes to technology (in many forms).  Hardware / software support.  Multimedia.  Audio/Video.  Printing.  Social Media.  Graphic Design / Desktop Publishing.  Web Development. That being said, living as a modern day geek, over time I’ve […]