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469 | New School meets Old School

  Oh my god! The sound of the keyboard brings back so many memories of the 80s when I first started getting into computers and programming.

445 | Heavy Metal Gaming

I’ve been a fan of MechWarrior from quite some time.  I still have the ’86 (I believe) tabletop RPG game. I even remember owning and playing the MechWarrior 2 video game (1995) way back when.  Since then it’s come along way. After close to 20 years since its last video game release, MechWarrior will be back!!!  Latest reports indicate MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries will be available […]

436 | Musical Learning

Journey back when you were a kid in school sitting in your classroom. Your teacher stands in front of the class and announces your next assignment:  memorization of countries, states, and capitals. UGH. Thankfully, for those of who are Animaniacs™ fans, memorizing all these names and locations were converted into fun & enjoyable songs.  What a novel idea! I mean, think about it. I can’t […]