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390 | Give Some POW to your Presentation Want a little something extra with your video/presentation?  You might want to check out Powtoon. I came across this website while searching for alternatives to PowerPoint for making presentation.  I have worked with software like Prezi in the past but in my line of work I always like to have a wide variety of tools and options in my digital tool belt. Whether you […]

388 | The Future of Forecasting P1

This is the weather map to beat all weather maps. The creme de la creme. Ventusky, which is available both for your mobile device as well as your computer browser, is an incredible app for weather lovers. Wind speeds, wind direction, precipitation, temperature, air pressure, waves, clouds, humidity, snow cover, and freezing cover are many of the options available for viewing. The app has a […]

387 | Dossier Download

Of course, all the talk right now is about Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and privacy settings. While this plays out for the next series of days/weeks, if you are contemplating jumping ship or curious about what data exists in your facebook account, you may want to archive and take inventory.  You might be surprised. To download a copy of your Facebook data: Click at the top […]