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475 | A Pirate Looks at Fifty

Well, it’s official. The big five-O. Honestly, I don’t feel much different than I did ten years ago (although depending who you talk to, they say now fifty is the new forty). I guess the day I admit I’m getting old will be the day I realize I’ve started getting to the point where I’m not able to do the things I want to do. […]

389 | The Future of Forecasting P2

Recently, I have been picking up more of an interest in 3D animation and game development. I was going through my many online news sources the other day and I found an article on how the Weather Channel was planning on using Unity to produce more 3D animations to help illustrate weather / storm models for its viewers. If you are not familiar with Unity, […]

361 | Monster Mishmash

I came across this speed composition made by Dario Duran (featuring International Model Alexia Rose) which utilizes both the 3D sculpting power of ZBrush and the digital manipulation & composition of Adobe Photoshop. I’m still learning the basics of ZBrush at the moment…but this is something I can totally see myself doing down the road.  Thanks Dario for sharing this great work and helping inspire me […]

318 | The Next Step

Found this article this morning. Two weeks ago, Apple introduced ARKit, its solution for placing 3D objects realistically into a ‘real’ place. Basically, augmented reality. And it just so happens that the Holy Grail of the home decor and architecture game has been, for years, being able to place decor and furniture inside a customer’s actual space. Over the past decade, as mobile has taken […]