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404 | En Fuego!

Make sure to check out this incredible piece of art by Porfirio Jimenez!  

364 | To Dye For…

For you creative types / DIY’rs, here are some water marbling projects to take a look at. What an easy way to make some great personal pieces of art or gifts from friends and family.  

278 | 30-Day iLearn/iCreate Challenge: Day 26

Backlit Canvas Art.  What can I say?  It really appeals to me.  Simplistic line art (silhouette) design. Easy to make.  AND depending on the time of day (or lighting), you will get a different look to your artwork. I have some smaller canvases (along with battery lighting) at home I bought a while back to give this a try. Unfortunately, like most of my projects, […]

277 | 30-Day iLearn/iCreate Challenge: Day 25

Multilayered Stencil Art.  A bit of spray paint, a few thin sheets of paper, an x-acto knife, Photoshop/Gimp software, and your imagination. One of many projects I would like to try. From the looks of it, it appears that most of the work lies in the preparation:  image setup & stencil creation. If anyone has created these before and would like to share some insight, […]