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369 | To the “Vault”

Vault – A room or compartment, often built of or lined with steel, reserved for the storage and safekeeping of valuables, especially such a place in a bank. From time to time during my digital travels, I come across a few treasures…web gems perhaps if you wish to use that term…which catch me eye for one reason or another.   Over the years, I have managed to amass […]

280 | 30-Day iLearn/iCreate Challenge: Day 28

T-Shirt Design for The Bro Club. No. This is not Fight Club. Simply put, the Bro Club is just a gathering of gentlemen every month or so. No, it’s not a biker club. No, we don’t spend our meetings hanging out at the strip clubs or casinos drinking and getting stupid (yes, that’s right ladies). Just a time for us guys to be guys…hang out […]

277 | 30-Day iLearn/iCreate Challenge: Day 25

Multilayered Stencil Art.  A bit of spray paint, a few thin sheets of paper, an x-acto knife, Photoshop/Gimp software, and your imagination. One of many projects I would like to try. From the looks of it, it appears that most of the work lies in the preparation:  image setup & stencil creation. If anyone has created these before and would like to share some insight, […]

267 | UI Vol. 1

I don’t know when it started.   Most likely, it began with my fascination with science fiction.  As I got older and started looking into career possibilities, I was steered toward two disciplines which the more I think about it reinforcement my love with UI (i.e. User Interface) – Aviation / Art & Design.  Being a pilot, monitoring gauges & instruments and data analysis as you […]