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436 | Musical Learning

Journey back when you were a kid in school sitting in your classroom. Your teacher stands in front of the class and announces your next assignment:  memorization of countries, states, and capitals. UGH. Thankfully, for those of who are Animaniacs™ fans, memorizing all these names and locations were converted into fun & enjoyable songs.  What a novel idea! I mean, think about it. I can’t […]

398 | A Coating of Many Colors

Welcome to Sensel Morph! A tool for designers, musicians, developers, editors, writers, artists, and gamers.  Users can customize their trackpad with a series of sensitive rubber overlays which provide a wide variety of interactivity.  

370 | Playing My Heartstrings

It’s not the first time I’ve said it…and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I ❤ John Williams. John Williams, undoubtedly one of the most accomplished composers in cinematic history as well as most likely the most successful composer in American music (currently estimated net value of $100,000,000, yes 100 million dollars), could easily typified as someone who I not only identify as a […]