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369 | To the “Vault”

Vault – A room or compartment, often built of or lined with steel, reserved for the storage and safekeeping of valuables, especially such a place in a bank. From time to time during my digital travels, I come across a few treasures…web gems perhaps if you wish to use that term…which catch me eye for one reason or another.   Over the years, I have managed to amass […]

139 | Water is Life

25 Ways Water Can Affect Your Health (courtesy of The Chive) 1Drinking proper amounts of water can aid in speeding up weight loss. According to German researchers, drinking water helps speed up our metabolism. Besides helping us burn more calories, drinking water also makes us feel more full, leading us to eat less from our plates at meal-time. 2 One of the better-known facts is […]

131 | Not your Father’s “Tag”

I’m really interested in trying Archery Tag.  It’s a new sport combining traditional archery with the resemblance of Paintball. While it mimics Paintball, it appears on the surface to be more difficult and challenging to play (not to mention less painful).  I will have to admit. Not real fond of getting hit with Paintballs.  My niece got in the face at relatively close range.  Not a […]