30daycompleteHere we are!  NUMBER 30!!!  The circle is now complete. Feels like the time went so quickly.

I hope those of you who have been either following my blog, following my 30-day challenge, or simply found interest in a thing or two along the way, have been able to get something out of this for you.  It’s been a great exercise for me to explore a bunch of different things and generate /renew some interest in projects that have been put to the wayside for some time.  I have thought about maybe doing some mini-challenges (like a 7-day or 10-day) on a more specific task (such as exercise, software, or woodworking).   I know I’ve got a few things coming up that is going to “fill up my dance card” for a while so I’m not quite sure when I will get around for that.

For those of you who managed to miss out on the 30-Day iLearn/iCreate Challenge (or simply would like a run-down of all the topics), here’s a table of contents to help you out:

Day 1:  Intro to GameSalad
Day 2:  Zbrush Tutorials
Day 3:  Live Collaborative Docs w/ Blackboard; Video Game Tourney – Team Name
Day 4:  SketchUp – basement TV stand
Day 5:  SketchUp – Sangamon Hall 1st Floor; 6 Port Desktop USB Charging Station
Day 6:  Cosmic Fate
Day 7:  Pirate Code Monkey logo & Sinestro graphic
Day 8:  Ctrl + Paint
Day 9:  Logo designs for video game class
Day 10:  80’s Video Jukebox YouTube Playlist
Day 11:  DIY Barbecue Table; DIY Patio Table w/ Built-in Ice Box
Day 12:  GameSalad Tutorials
Day 13:  Prisma iOS app
Day 14:  Paul Paulino
Day 15:  Develop dynamic resource page for work
Day 16:  GameSalad Boss Fight
Day 17:  3D Warehouse – SketchUp
Day 18:  Wooden Vampire Stake
Day 19:  Sprite Animation
Day 20:  Cinemagraph
Day 21:  LED Emblem Light
Day 22:  After Effects Iron Man HUD
Day 23:  Strip Lighting (w/ dimmer switch)
Day 24:  Legend of Zelda Master Sword – woodworking
Day 25:  Multilayered Stencil Art
Day 26:  Backlit Canvas Art
Day 27:  Tilt-Shift Photography
Day 28:  Bro Club T-Shirt Design
Day 29:  Desktop-embedded USB Hub

AND that brings us to #30!

I’m a Star Wars fan (ya, I know….SHOCKER!)

Another one of my many “man, I need to do this” projects is…of course…a Star Wars VFX video.  Even if it’s a simple demo reel.

I’m an Adobe User so the first tool that comes to mind is After Effects.  There are many tutorials out there on how to create the different effects (i.e. rotoscoping).  for the time-being, I’ve picked out a few to display.  Hope you like them.


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