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460 | Giving Jedi Strong & Healthy Bones

Bantha (Blue) Milk Recipes This one goes out to all you die-hard Star Wars fans (especially the Original Triology)!  I’ve found that there are many different recipes out there online.   Feel free to try them out! I’d love to hear back from you all. Star Wars Blue Milk Recipe from Galaxy’s Edge Milk Stand 2 cups Vanilla Flavored Sweetened Rice Milk Glacier Ice Gatorade Powder […]

360 | Nerd Night Concoction

It’s Thursday night… and for those of you who are familiar with Geek & Sundry you know it’s Critical Role night.   If you don’t know what it is, it is a web series where professional voice actors play D&D (Dungeons & Dragons).  It can be quite entertaining, especially for those who are familiar with playing D&D and other RPGs (Role-Playing Games).  I was able […]

348 | MCU – We Will Rock You!

While you would think that May 5, 2018 would be the release of an upcoming Star Wars film, in actually it will be the start of an unprecedented benchmark in comic book history.  I have fond memories as a child back in the 70s dreaming of a day when we would get to experience a blockbuster of epic portions such as… Infinity War! While we […]

325 | A Solution for Media-Rich Minds

https://www.skreens.com/ Skreens looks to be an incredible product and resource for business and education as well as the home market targeting power-users who wish to incorporate multiple video sources on to a large display.   Whether it be streaming video, game console, or cable TV, this device allows you to organize and resize multiple video sources with the greatest of ease. I haven’t personally used it […]