Today’s my birthday…and I’m glad to say I’m still here (and healthy). In a year full of political unrest, an ongoing pandemic, and my work days turned upside down, it’s pretty safe to say everyone’s mental, emotional, and physical health took a significant health. But I’m happy to report I’m still COVID-free (for the time-being), lost weight during COVID (reduced splurging I suspect), and managing to keep my wits about me.

This morning, I found myself another year older. As the years pile on and my time on this Earth grows shorter, I couldn’t help but ask myself that eternal, George Bailey-esque type question.

Have I made a difference? Would it matter if I was gone?

Sure, a little dark but a reasonable thought. But I guess the more I thought about it, I realized it’s probably not a question that I could answer myself. I’ll never know the impact I’ve had. I hope it’s positive. I’ve tried to live a good life and like all of us, I’m made mistakes along the way (and hopefully tried to learn from them). So I guess I have to leave that decision to my friends, family, and co-workers.

Here’s to hoping this year is a step-up from last year! *fingers crossed*

Posted by synergy711

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