The other day, I posted on my Facebook page that the day reflected the old saying from Alexander Graham Bell, “When one door closes, another opens”. 

Now I know occasionally I can be known for my vague posts.  In this case, it was mostly precipitated by the fact that I was privy to facts about those close to me which I was uncomfortable publicly sharing.  I still don’t feel comfortable about divulging too much information.  I would just like to share my thoughts and feelings…with the notion those who which I speak of know they are in my thoughts.

Last night before falling into unconsciousness, I took a few moments to reflect on friends, family, and acquaintances.  I came to a realization, an epiphany of sorts, about the fact so many people I know are going through a lot of change in their lives. It ranges from health & lifestyle changes, career changes, marriage/divorce, and birth & death.  I truly empathize with what they are going through…and what is yet to come in the future.  But in the scheme of it all, I truly feel like things will work out for the best.  Being optimistic?  Perhaps. I tell myself it’s because I surround myself around good people… and I want good things to happen to good people.


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