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Recently I found a great article about “drifting”, a term used for those who simply glide though life letting outside forces dictate who they are and what they do.

It’s sad to say…but I can relate. Especially when I was younger. You know…those days when hormones were raging, the world was against you, or you threw caution to the wind.  I guess now that I’m older, more responsible, and wiser I find myself taking charge of my life (even though I do recognize there are things outside of my control).  I make time to do things that are important to me…and by doing so brings me a great sense of satisfaction.  On the other hand, I do find I spend a significant amount of time trying to manage my “to-do” list.  A small price to pay I guess.

I wanted to share this because unfortunately I know a few people who could benefit from learning a thing or two from this article.

Four realities exist:

  • Indecision is potentially your greatest threat.
  • Most people are “drifting,” which means they haven’t taken command of their mind or their life. Drifting is when you let external circumstances determine where you go in life.
  • Just before any substantial breakthroughs, you will experience darkness and defeat.
  • When you take control of your mind, you realize the quality of your thinking reflects your current potential.

~ “Outwitting the Devil”, Napoleon Hill


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