Back in the early 90s while visiting Australia, I remember seeing a commercial on television advocating against drunk driving.  The commercial still stands out in my mind today because I was particularly moved by it.  For the first time on regular television, it accurately portrayed an accident scene where a drunk driver ran into another vehicle, killing one its passengers and severely injuring the others.  The drunk driver escaped with minor injuries…but while on-scene and in the hospital had to come terms with what happened and the outcome of his actions driving drunk. I really felt it was a refreshing look at getting people’s attentions by recreating an accident and playing out the scene.  Made me realize how much more of an impact I had on me to see what would really happen…and to this day wish these types of commercials could be shown on American television to give young audiences a taste of reality.

This video (which is a portion of a film titled Cow) came across my Facebook feed today… and it moved me.  While the video paints a very disturbing picture of what can happen while texting & driving, it drives home the point to not only young adults but people of all ages about the horrors of what can happen because of distracted driving.

WARNING:  You may find some images in this video disturbing.

So, for those of you who are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or deep into the games of NCAA March Madness, please don’t drink & drive, text & drive, or drive while intoxicated.


Posted by synergy711

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