30-Day iLearn/iCreate Challenge: Day 29

challenge-day29Lets face it. I’m a power user. I like my gadgets.

Over the years, I’ve found myself with the unique ability to be both a generalist and specialist at times when it comes to technology (in many forms).  Hardware / software support.  Multimedia.  Audio/Video.  Printing.  Social Media.  Graphic Design / Desktop Publishing.  Web Development.

That being said, living as a modern day geek, over time I’ve managed to accumulate a number of things. So like most people, I have found myself struggling for space around my computer(s).  You know how it is?  Constantly rearranging and moving things aside to make room for whatever needed to be dealt with at that moment.

So, I went searching the interwebs to find a low-cost DIY solution to my problem.  That’s when I came across this photo:


What a wonderful solution. It was a simple and easy way to store most of my peripherals underneath my desk and keep the cables tidy and organized.  With a sheet of pegboard, wire (which later I switched to zip ties), small dowel rod and some hardware, I was able to recreate this solution underneath my own computer desk and VOILA, problem solved!

dremelhub01.jpgWell that was a couple of years ago and since then I’ve managed to make a few upgrades to my system.  So as my iLearn / iCreate Challenge comes to a close, I went in search of potential “upgrades” for my desk.  If you’ve been following my 30-day challenge, you’ve seen links to other ideas (such as strip lighting).  I recently came across a website called MakeZine which featured an article on how to make a desktop-embedded USB hub. What a perfect addition for my computer desk.  The convenience of being able to easily plug into my system (or simply charge my phone) without fussing with plugging in cables underneath my desk or blindly trying to fit them into the back

Here you go, DIY’ers and Geek Elite!  You can also download a PDF with more detailed instructions as well.  So if you’re not a d0-it-yourself kind of person but feeling the urge to install one at your own desk at home, I’m sure you can find a handyman or woodworker who could help you out. 🙂


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