challenge-day28T-Shirt Design for The Bro Club.

No. This is not Fight Club. Simply put, the Bro Club is just a gathering of gentlemen every month or so. No, it’s not a biker club. No, we don’t spend our meetings hanging out at the strip clubs or casinos drinking and getting stupid (yes, that’s right ladies). Just a time for us guys to be guys…hang out with guy friends…and talk about guy stuff. The male version of GNO.

So we originally had another design for a number of years…but as membership has grown, we have had difficulties getting our hands on the original design. So I proposed a new design in an effort to eliminate difficulties with the design as well as provide an opportunity for all members to bond with our new group “uniform”. Shirts were designed and print without the numbers (which could be added later by yours truly. I think it came out pretty well. Printing courtesy of Vistaprint.


Posted by synergy711

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