challenge-day189257d4283330f058cbac9389fcb15037ecf9f3229a1969bab511ec36ace7d300_1Lately, seems like it has been pretty strange week.  Warm. Cold.  Snow.  Rainstorms.  Full Moon.  Eclipse.  Comets.  What next?  I do have to say the warm weather has been a pleasant surprise though.  Put me in a bit of a mood for upcoming summer projects.

That brings me to today’s challenge.  Looking forward to firing up the lathe and cranking out a few projects.  Been a while since anything’s come out of the shop so might be good to start with something simple.

I found this project on YouTube that was interesting. I have a buddy of mine who is a big vampire / Halloween fan.  Thinking it might be a nice little handmade present I could give to him down the road.  If you’re someone who’s looking to start working on your vampire kit, here’s the place to start!


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