I don’t know when it started.   Most likely, it began with my fascination with science fiction.  As I got older and started looking into career possibilities, I was steered toward two disciplines which the more I think about it reinforcement my love with UI (i.e. User Interface) – Aviation / Art & Design.  Being a pilot, monitoring gauges & instruments and data analysis as you know is all part of the job.  As a designer, I’m always looking at new ways of visual communication to convey messages or data.

Working with UI concepts is very appealing to me. It’s so interesting to see how so many artists/designers have come up with so many innovative concepts.  For me, designing a system which is logical and intuitive in nature while in the same respect visually aesthetic and engaging in my opinion a truly left brain / right brain engaging activity.

Of course, movies are always one of the best sources for UI (aside from Pinterest). One movie, Oblivion, provided some great examples of UI incorporating data, video, and 3d models. Be sure to check out this GFX montage I found on Vimeo.

Whenever I get some free time (LOL, ya I know), I plan on tinkering with a UI concept I have using Adobe After Effects.  Probably gonna be Spring Break at this point.  Until then, catch ya on the flip side!


Posted by synergy711

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