challenge-day16Busy day at work.  But tonight was Game Pitch night for our team.  Was a little bit nervous and unfortunately one of our team members Cecily was unable to attend.  So yours truly ended up pitching a majority of the ideas (and I’m ok with that).  Long story short, we got “green-lighted” on our game proposal. We got some other interesting ideas out of it as well so I’m really looking forward to working on this soon.  You know how it goes.  You always think you have so much time to work on these things and then BLAM, next thing you know, the deadline is creeping up on you. So now, our team just needs to keep working on our pre-conceptual production defining what assets (images, animations, sounds, music, etc.) we need to work on and what requirements are needed for gameplay.  I think once that is complete, we can move into the next phase of development.

Tonight’s class:  Boss Fight.

During class, we learned about tandem timers in GameSalad which we used to cloak & decloak our boss (making it harder to hit).  It was a short night due to weather so we didn’t get a chance to put in coding to make the boss invulnerable to damage while it was cloaked.  Next week.


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