256 | 30-Day iLearn/iCreate Challenge: Day 11

challenge-day11The past few days have been extremely stressful for a number of reasons so unfortunately I have not been able to be as productive as I would like.  Nevertheless, I am still committed to keep on task with this project and continue with my efforts to keep learning and creating whenever I can.

Today’s contribution comes in the form of a couple of potential summer projects.  I don’t know where the hell we would put these things but they look like a lot of fun to make (and use for that matter).  Now, we all like a good party right?  Inviting friends over for a bit of food and refreshing drinks?  Of course!  I managed to find these two DIY table projects that really creates a great space to entertain and serve.

The first is a DIY BBQ table which allows visitors to easily cook their meat/vegetables…all while sitting and enjoying the company of others at the table.

The other is a DIY Patio table with built-in ice coolers which allows visitors to keep their drinks ice-cold right at the table, instead of having to get up and make a special trip to a cooler.


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