challenge-day5On yesterday’s challenge (Day 2), I shared a woodworking project I was working on in SketchUp.  With today’s challenge, I stepped it up a little bit. I’ve always had an interest in creating of recreating my home in a 3D model (in this case, using SketchUp). Why?  Ehhh, maybe just to see if I could.  But I think deep down, creating one for use in potential future home projects / remodeling might be very useful.

So I really don’t have a blueprint of our house…BUT I did have a floor plan of my office area that I could access.  So, I downloaded the floor plan and imported it into new SketchUp document. Using it as a template, I began creating the outer walls…and then eventually the interior. I don’t really think the floor plans were to scale (but I did notice they were out-of-date when it came to our office area) so some areas seem a bit off.  Overall, I think it came out ok (once again, for a noob!  Sorry, no furniture as off yet.  Baby steps.

Something else I ran across today while doing research for developing a recording studio was a USB charging station for multiple devices. I’ve seen smaller charging blocks with 2 ports…but I have never come across a 6-port Desktop USB charging station that could easily be used for work or home.  It would work great in situations such as computer labs, workgroups, or study areas where multiple users may need power access for their mobile devices.  For home, I have a make-shift space on my end table where I can charge my devices before bedtime but these examples are more efficient.

Just thought I would share this with you all…considering I’m sure many of you probably have multiple devices or multiple users whether at work or home where this might be a useful tool.  I found these particular items on Amazon.  There are several other models and configurations to choose from as well.  Enjoy!


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