30-Day iLearn/iCreate Challenge: Day 2

challenge-day2Here we are. Day 2. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much of a day for creation. Busy day of work helping students, faculty, and staff throughout the morning and afternoon hours.  The evening was spent testing my knowledge (and what brainpower I had left) during a local trivia event.  So here I am, in the waning hours of the day, attempting to rally what brain cells I have left to determine whether I met today’s challenge.

And then it hit me. 

After finishing logging in the remainder of support tickets and reorganizing on of our recording studios, I did spent a bit of time searching and reviewing a few Zbrush tutorials on YouTube.  If you’re not familiar with Zbrush, it is a 3D modeling software package which creates some pretty incredible work.  I think I have mentioned it a time or two on my blog (and rest assured, I will be talking more about it down the road). I decided to give the 45-day trial a shot to see if it’s worth my time and the pretty price tag ($795.00).  I see a lot of potential in how I could use it both personally and professionally but I’d rather not invest a large amount of time, effort, and $$$ into something that ultimately will not pay off in the long run. 

So here is a beginner’s tutorial via YouTube that I started out with.  Check it out if you are interested.



One thought on “30-Day iLearn/iCreate Challenge: Day 2

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