I’m sure that most guys during one time or another in their lives have dreamed about being a “gentleman spy”.  You know, the mystery & suspense…the thrill of the chase…and of course, the gadgets, girls, and vehicles.

James Bond 007I too have fancied myself as England’s famous MI-6 agent, gallivanting around the globe fighting against evil and tyranny in its many forms in her Majesty’s Secret Service for queen and country.  I’m guess I’m a little regretful that after all this time, I haven’t utilized my Photoshop and After Effects skills more to create a more elaborate rouse (for entertainment’s sake of course).  Perhaps at some point in the future…  One more thing for the “To-Do” list.

Speaking of, many years ago I was listening to an old tune by Golden Earring titled “Radar Love”.  An old classic.  Of course, my mind happened to be wandering at the moment and I realized that during one of it’s choruses (I believe it’s called), I really got the sense that I was listening to a great spy intro.  I carried that thought with me for many years.  From time to time, I would mention it to friends but never really had an example to base it off of…..until now.  I digitally spliced the song with an intro from the TV series, Archer.  I have to say I was surprised how easily it fit into place.  Once you see it, you will understand where I’m coming from.  At least, I hope so.

Copyright police, please forgive me.  Simply illustrating a point.  No monetary or commercial profit intended.

“Archer” courtesy of Fox Networks. “Radar Love” courtesy of Golden Earring.


Posted by synergy711

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