If you are a fanboy, you know what I am talking about. We fanboys (and fangirls) have had more than our share during the past 10-15 years with the resurgence of movies and TV shows bringing classic science fiction, fantasy, and comic books characters and stories to life.  As a Star Wars fan, I think much of my reaction(like many others I’m told) was chronicled in this mashup of Matthew McConaughey (from Interstellar) watching the premiere of the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer.

I have to say. It must be weird for others to see the intense reactions fanboys get when a fanboy (or fangirl) moment arises. Can you guys describe it?

It’s funny that even SWTFA’s own stars had their own fanboy moments while watching the trailer.  Especially because you would think since they are IN the movie, they would be privy to a lot more.  But honestly, they shoot so many scenes…multiple times…from different angles…and never get a chance to see the final product (with all the special FX added).

Recently, I had a little bit of a fanboy moment. Late at night, I was doing some freelance work when I came across a video someone posted.  The video is a musical video tribute to the Star Wars Saga and I think @DestinyTrost did a great job of editing and compositing to piece together many of the pivotal scenes throughout the series. Gave me goosebumps watching it!

Will be interesting to see if there is a new edition once Episodes VIII & IX are released.


Posted by synergy711

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