iphone-6-prI never thought it would happen.  A few weeks ago, my phone mysteriously died.  Black screen. Would not power on.

I had just been using it. I knew the battery was good and charged so it really left me quite perplexed. I tried plugging into a charger. Nothing.  I tried connecting it to iTunes and restoring the phone to the last backup. Nothing.  Needlesstosay, I was a bit upset.

I contacted the local Apple Service center..and after a short conversation, they suggested I send it to Apple for repair/replacement.  Knowing this phone was not under warranty, I had a good feeling I might be getting a new phone.

So after waiting two weeks of waiting, my new phone has finally arrived.  I never really got word of what specifically happened to my computer…only the fact it went to go see Jesus.  It took a while to get everything re-installed and reconfigured but it appears I’m back in the game again.

I learned something out of this.  I learned I’m more dependent on my phone for home & work than I anticipated. On many occasions, I was inconvenienced by the fact I was unable to text, call, or message friends, family, and colleagues when something arose.   In the same respect, I also found a bit of confidence knowing I wasn’t a “slave to my phone”.   Especially with all the hype going around right now with Pokemon Go (which right now I don’t plan on installing/playing).  It was a bit like a mini-tech-vacation for me…although I would have rather been sitting by a beach somewhere with a frosty beverage.

So, here’s to being “back on the grid”!



Posted by synergy711

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