Today, Alice Fredenham captured a piece of my heart.

Today, my sister posted a story about a young woman auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent. Normally, I’m a sucker for these types of things because…well…I guess it appeals to what would referred to as in psychological terms, the “underdog effect”.  What you see unfold in the video above is truly magical and inspiring.

“For a lot of folks, getting up in front of a group of people, large or small, sounds like the scariest thing of all time. It’s hard to put yourself out there like that, no matter how good you are at what you do. There’s always that fear in the back of your mind that your audience is negatively judging you.

For Alice Fredenham, it wasn’t easy to get up in front of the judges like many other contestants. She was so afraid that they wouldn’t like her performance. She didn’t tell a soul that she had made it to the live auditions of Britain’s Got Talent. That’s certainly nothing to scoff at in and of itself! There are tons of people that never even get to perform in front of the judges, as they get told to go home after performing for a panel of producers.

But to her, being rejected by the judges meant that she, as a person, wasn’t good enough. She didn’t want her own disappointment to spread through to any of her friends and family — hence why she kept the big event a secret.”

~ Courtesy of Little | Story by Grace Eire

Like many people, I hold a special place for singers, actors, & musicians.  From someone with introverted tendencies and a “face for radio”, I can completely identify with how she conveys her lack of self-confidence, stage fright, and fear of rejection. Many a time I have dreamt of being able to perform…and perform well. It’s the foundation of that particular feeling that shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, American Idol, and other countless shows have banked their success on.

Since her performances on BGT, she managed to continue singing…even auditioning for The Voice. Some have accused her of faking her stage fright during her BGT audition. The fact of the matter is…it’s unmistakable she has a talented voice and I thank her for sharing those talents with us all.


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