Like many people yesterday (Thursday), I was preparing myself for the upcoming holiday weekend. Finished work…and made my way home.

Earlier, I had received a request from a neighbor of mine to take a ride on my motorcycle. I was happy to oblige.i know it’s been particularly difficult for her as of late…so I know it would be a welcome relief.

I knew I had a bit of time to ride before league bocce ball. So, we took off around Lake Springfield.

It was a nice ride. Weather was nice.  Unfortunately, they have been doing road construction so I was quite extra cautious (especially with the additional rider on the back). The ride was going well…until we approached a sharp corner. I came up on it slowly…and that’s when I noticed it.

Rider down.

A young man. Wearing a helmet (thank God). New rider (little over a year). Just traded his motorcycle. Little more than 500 miles on the odometer. Hadn’t made the first payment yet.

Long story short,he was ok.  Maybe a few stitches, a number of “road rashes” up and down his body. Many people stopped to assist. Police and rescue responded. Family notified and arrived.  He had riding along …when he hit a patch of loose gravel in the road and lost control..eventually ending up in a nearby ditch.

I have to say, it really put things into perspective. It’s surprising how quickly things can change. One of life’s lessons. Take note!

To Eric, I wish you a speedy recovery!


Posted by synergy711

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