Over the past few years, I have tinkered around with the idea with venturing into the world of 3D modeling. Unfortunately, my current system barely “cuts the mustard” for 3D software so I’m looking into a new upgrade at this time.

While there are many different 3D modeling applications available (Sketchup, Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max, Photoshop, etc.), I’m really interested in ZBrush by Pixologic. I have looked at a couple tutorials and have been fascinated by the quality of work and usability.

While the video above is 5 years old, it gives you an illustration of what ZBrush is capable of. At this point, I’m not so much interested in the animation aspects as much the ability to create complex and HQ realistic 3D objects.


artist, illustrator and graphic designer Justin “Goby” Fields sculpting alien in ZBrush 4

I have to say that there has been a muse to my madness. I have been fortunate enough to be introduced to Justin “Goby” Fields and his work through a Facebook friend (and later found out we went to the same high school). I am in awe of his artistic talent and jealous of the career he has been able to forge in the Hollywood entertainment industry.  He has used his 3D & artistic skills to produce work for concept artwork and animation.

In the past few years, he founded IronKlad Studios with other collaborating to produce high-quality design work for top-name companies and small independent developers. Be sure to check out their incredible portfolio of work.

I have to admit.  I see this work…and it makes me giddy like a child.  Much like a proverbial child who has told they might get some playdough to create & play with.  Granted, this is not a simple toy (nor is it cheap) but I do recognize it’s something I could incorporate into my skill set and utilize for my freelance business or personal use.  I could use it for creating woodworking designs or as 3D printing becomes more economical, models for 3D figures and sculptures.

While I feel I may never be able to reach the quality of Justin’s work, I am not discouraged.  I have always been someone who is curious and eager to learn what I may be able to produce for myself and others.


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  1. […] to an amazing artist by the name of Justin Goby Fields.  I have mentioned him about 7 months ago (Breaking the Mold).  I’m happy to say I’m the proud owner of a new Mac which should be able to […]


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