We are less than three weeks away from the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (or SWTFA for you Star Wars fanatics) and the rumor mill is STILL pumping out theories. Of course, the big ones are “Kylo Ren is Luke Skywalker” and which Star Wars Original Series character dies.   But I heard a theory today which seemed on some ways plausible…thus sparking ny curiousity.


For those of you who don’t know, Ezra Bridger is currently a character on the animated series “Star Wars: Rebels” on Disney XD.

“Ezra Bridger is a young Force-sensitive human who was once a common thief trying to survive until he was taken in by Kanan Jarrus. It was then that he became his Jedi apprentice and a part of the Ghost crew’s Rebellion against the Empire.”  ~ http://starwarsrebels.wikia.com/wiki/Ezra_Bridger

It’s amazing because there is a similarity in the appearance of the characters.  But of course, there are two glearing problems – light side / dark side and the time difference.  But there could be an explanation. It could be possible that Ezra turns to the dark side after death of his master and is either cloned or frozen in carbonite.  With the lack of a master, this might explain how he might be tempted by the dark side but untrained and undisciplined.  He could create his own cult (i.e. the Knights of Ren) and forge a new identity and new lightsaber (which looks unstable, possibly because he did not fully complete his training to include crystal & saber forging).

Just a thought…just a theory. Time will tell.

Let me know what you think.


Posted by synergy711

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