Thanksgiving 2015 has come to a close. Parents, children, and especially marketers have their eyes set on bringing out the spirit of Christmas.

Many people may argue what puts them into the holiday spirit. You know, that one thing or two that puts you in the Christmas mood. For many, it can be christmas shopping, listening to a particular Christmas tune, watching a beloved Christmas animated classic, or even some holiday cooking.  For me, it’s listening to the old classics.

Recently, I asked a friend of mine what was it that starts her Christmas holiday season.  The answer I got was not what I expected (although not completely unjustified).  While most of us signals the start of our holiday season with A Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Raindeer, her choice… Die Hard.

I have to say it took me by surprise initially but as time went on, I really started to realize how short-sighted I might have been. I mean really, who am I to judge?

It’s all about its many forms.  So, here’s to an action-packed holiday season! To you and yours…



Posted by synergy711

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