“An epic fantasy quest to recover an ancient magic scepter from a tyrant king in his Dark Tower, brought to life in electronic form.

To vanquish the usurper, players search the four realms of the circular game board for three keys to unlock the tower’s gate. On this journey, there are battles to be fought against roving bands of brigands, dragons, plague and hunger. There are bazaars to visit to purchase supplies and assistants for the quest. There are uncharted territories to get lost in and tombs and ruins to plunder. And there is a mighty army to be raised before the player can lay seige to the tower and fight either to glorious victory or crushing defeat.”

~ BoardGameGeek

Dark Tower game

Dark Tower game

In the early 1980s, my sister and I were introduced to a fascinating but time-intensive game called Dark Tower.  What I would consider a hybrid game (combining a traditional tabletop game with an electronic component), this electronic game allowed players to amass an army while collecting treasure along the way. A player may win the game by collecting three magical keys and slaying the evil horde in the Dark Tower.

Players would take turns maneuvering, fighting, and managing troops and supplies around a section of the game board until a magical key was found.  Occasionally, players could be ambushed by traveling hordes, stricken with famine or disease, or even attacked by a wandering rogue Dragon.

I have fond memories playing this game with my sister as well as my friend Kent (sometimes late into the evening/early morning).  Unfortunately, I do recall at times how agonizing it was to play because due to the tower’s programming, magical keys were often found sparsely or rarely (so it was pretty common that a single game could take several hours to complete).  That being said, it was a great game to play.

About six years ago, I started looking to see if the games still existed. Dark Tower can still be found on sites like eBay but due to time and attrition, many of the games are either too pricey or damaged in some form or fashion. So, then I wondered if someone (a fan of sorts) managed to create an app of the game.  To my surprise, it was difficult to find but I did manage to find someone who created a Flash game based on the game.  I have to say they did a great job.  Listening to the sounds and seeing the game graphics in action brought back memories instantly.

While putting together this post, I did a little bit more searching and managed to find Dark Tower mobile apps as well.  Woooohooo!  Here are links to the online game and the mobile apps!  Happy Gaming!  In the words of the great Stan Lee….Excelsior!


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