12141141_10153016434096086_8207310423236720956_oLet me start off by saying that I don’t consider myself a big sports fan (in comparison to others I suppose). I love a good game but in general I try not to be an armchair quarterback or gloat/whine depending on the outcome. That’s just my nature.

Being a Chicago Cubs fan, I have faced much ridicule over the years.  I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t difficult or it didn’t bother me. Living between Chicago & St. Louis, it would be putting it lightly by saying a great amount of rivalry and tension exists between Cubs & Cardinals fans in the area. So, I’m sure you can only imagine the excitement when the Cubs faced the Cardinals in the 2015 NLDS games.

mlb-nlds-st.-louis-cardinals-chicago-cubs-850x560 copyI watched the games intently, cheering my team on.  I will admit losing the first game made my fears strengthen, my faith diminish.  But as games 2, 3, and finally 4 played on, my faith began to grow.  We played well and managed to capture the NLDS championship!  Of course, even until the end I never counted the Cardinals out of the running.  Now, I have to say that I have personally experienced many arrogant Cardinals fans over the years but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the good sportsmanship of St. Louis fans as well as support for the Cubs ball club to take the World Series title for the NL. Watching the Cubs win against the Cardinals is something I will remember for quite some time.

Now, many Cubs fans will tell you why they are Cubs fans…but for me, it’s several things.

It brings me a sense of childhood. I remember growing up sitting in front of the TV watching the Cubs play on WGN (when we got cable, yes kids there was a time before Cable TV but that’s for another post) and organizing my Topps baseball cards.

Watching the Cubs gives me a sense of tradition. I remember watching it with my father, one of a few positive memories I have of us. Over the years, I’ve seen the team succeed and fail.

Routing for the Cubs you could say is sort of religious.  It’s about believing in something.  It’s about having faith in an “underdog”.  The hope that one day, hopefully soon…the impossible or improbable will happen.

So now, we are playing the New York Mets for the NLCS…and unfortunately, we are losing the series 0-2.  I have not lost my faith…and I’m hoping my team rallies to victory!  #FlytheW

Many may question my loyalty to a team who has proven over many years to fall short consistently…and I guess all I can say is that I’m not the kind of person who just gives up on a whim. In my life, that doesn’t just apply to my love of sports…it applies to all the things that I hold dear in my life.  My family, my friends, my passions.


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