This holiday season was quite…different…than past years.

christmas_hollyNormally, we board our dog when we go on vacation but this year (after much badgering) we decided to let my sister babysit our dog for the holidays.  I was initially a bit hesitant to the idea…not because I don’t have faith in my sister and her family to take care of our furry child…but more the fact that a) our dog is not used to being around other dogs for extended periods of time so I wasn’t sure how she would be and b) didn’t want our dog to be an unnecessary burden.  Deep down, I knew things would be fine and I knew my sister would having a Corgi around the house (like we had when we were kids)…but as a furry parent, you worry.  Needlesstosay, everything we just fine and she had a great time with my sister’s family and their pets.  It was a great relief to know they were being well-cared-for and could just check on them from time to time without a big hassle (not to mention saved us a good chunk of money in the process).   I know they would do it in a heartbeat to help out just because that’s who they are.  ❤  Thanks big sis!

In early December, my wife was laid off from her job that she worked for over 10 years.  Her layoff was one of a series of layoffs the company has been giving over the past few months (either in an effort to reorganize or streamline the company). It was tough news. Of course, no one really wants to lose their job. But she and a few others were let go the same day and ended up cleaning out her office soon after.  Rest assured, this is not all bad.  My wife was able to get time paid out and receive five months severence pay from her job so we still have money flowing for the time-being.  Being unemployed, it has given her time to brush her resume and beat the pavement looking for jobs (not to mention take some time around the house to catch up on some chores she never really had to do to before).  For the time-being, my nerves are calm but as the spring/summer approaches…if the job situation has not improved, my comfort level will surely diminish.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a text from my best friend’s wife saying my BF was in the ER awaiting test results.  Long story short, his doctor received test result from earlier that day which showed elevated enzyme levels (which can indicate possibly heart damage).  Later that day, he received two stints to help with the blockage in his leg.  Since that time, he is doing much better.  He and his wife have adopted a new healthier lifestyle, starting with a new diet and exercise program.  I am so happy for the both of them and I wish them great success in their endeavors.  While I am happy that he is doing so well, I have to admit I am upset with the fact he informed the doctor initially that he thought he might have had an attack on Xmas Eve, but proceeded to not follow up with his doctor until his check-up (which was almost two weeks later). I understand his reasoning of not wanted to “spoil the holiday” but I think his health should be important enough that he could have been seen between Christmas and New Years.  Especially since he has had significant health problems in the past.  BUT, I love him dearly and I think he knows it was wrong…and has had a “Come to Jesus” moment in his life.  I hope now he knows how much his friends and family care about him. 🙂

So THAT was the holidays!  Lots of ups and downs but ultimately everything worked out for the best in the end. Here’s to an amazing 2015!


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