It’s late into the evening of August 11/August 12. I can’t sleep. A few hours ago, I finished playing a game of game of thrones with Ken, Connor, Chris, & Shea for the last time before Connor and Christopher go off to college. I played well and was leading for six or seven of the 10 rounds. Unfortunately, my strategy backfired and I ended up losing miserably by the end of the game. It was still a good game and always had a great time competing against everyone else.

But that’s not why I can’t sleep. Before the game, my wife told me that they announced on the news… Robin Williams was dead. Sources say right now that his death may have been from an apparent suicide. Time will tell.

I can easily say as the game played out, his passing weighed heavily on my mind. Even now, I still find myself feeling a variety of thoughts and emotions. Many would agree that Robin was an amazing actor and a truly talented person. His skills, his energy, his passion was truly mesmerizing.

Typically, when people would play the game where you had to name what people or celebrities would you like to interview or spend time with, who would they be… Nine times out of 10 Robin was always on my list. I was always so amazed his ability to be spontaneous, and to be so easy to tap into his creativity and free association to come up with some truly brilliant and comedic insights. In some ways, he also typified the acceptance of being a child no matter what age you are.

It feels so weird because his passing has affected me like a long time friend. Like so many others, I will miss him. I will struggle to understand the pains and he has endured in the demons who have tortured him these many years. I will never understand why he may have taken his own life if the reports are true that he may have taken his own life. I could only hope that I could have as much talent as him to share to the world like he has for all of us.

At this point, I just feel like these are just loose ramblings about how I feel and there’s a part of me that wants to put together another post tomorrow accurately portray how I feel and how his loss has affected me. That all being said, it’s time for me to lay down and drift to sleep sending up a little prayer that Robin is in a better place.


Posted by synergy711

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