Agree! Great product…works excellent with roast & potatoes too.

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First Hand Product Review: Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners



Reynolds Brand Slow Cooker Liners! AMAZING!


These are awesome! I love cooking but clean up… not so much. If you’re a nine-to-fiver like me, crockpots are a staple to good eating. But what is the joy in a melty, cheesy crockpot lasagna if you have to spend the next hour of your precious time scrubbing the caked on goop off your crockpot. Reynolds Brand Slow Cooker Liners are an absolute must for me now. Simply place the bag-like liner into your crockpot before cooking and throw the food in as you normally would. Then, when the food is gone, throw out the liner! I slow cooked some spaghetti sauce for eight hours then just peeled the plastic liner right out. No caked on food, no mess! I just had to wash the condensation out of my crockpot and put it away.


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