Yes, I am over forty and I can still say that I enjoy coloring!  🙂 I have to thank my sister (who helps keep my youthful) for reminding me that some things never grow old.   Although, I do have to say that while she still uses the traditional crayon coloring books, I have decided to take up a more 21st century version of this past-time.  Using Photoshop and a graphics tablet, I do my magic.  I do have to say a couple of things about it:

1) Using Photoshop with a graphics tablet really has sharpened up some of my skills using the software as well as some old school design fundamentals.

2) Coloring (whether it is digital or not) has a strangely calming and soothing effect on me.  It’s amazing how therapeutic it can be to put on a pair of headphones, throw on some tunes, and completely focus on a piece of art.  It forces you to set aside the petty issues of the day and throw yourself into your work.

Here’s a couple of screen captures I took a while back to use as demonstrations on how easy it is to do digital coloring with Photoshop.

As much enjoyment and fulfillment I get from working on a digital coloring project, I have to say that many a day goes by that I wish I could draw/illustrate compositions of my own.  Just don’t think I got the skills/training I needed when I was younger to pick it up.   Mind you, I still feel like you can teach an old dawg new tricks…but at this rate, it’s probably going to be my “first” retirement before I see THAT happening.


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