When it comes to Godzilla (and maybe monster movies in general), I’ve noticed that most people fall into one category or another. You like ’em or you don’t.   I myself have enjoyed the old monster movies for quite some time.   Sure, the old ones look dated and cheesy but they still hold some entertainment value nonetheless.

When I heard there was another Godzilla remake headed to the big screen, I was reminded of the last remake with Matthew Broderick (which most people can agree was a bit of an insult).   Granted, it had a few redeeming features but overall, I (like many) were left wanting.     UNTIL NOW…

HOLY CRAP!  This new trailer has renewed my faith that Hollywood may be able to bring a movie the monster movie fans will truly enjoy!  They have some quality actors and top-notch CGI.  But to me, they have shown 3 things that I want out of the movie in the latest trailer.

1. World-wide destruction.  A creature like this wouldn’t limit itself to just one area. I’ve always wanted to see a path of destruction world-wide, one capable of a monster this size.  Godzilla should be a movie that scares you like watching Jaws and leaves you exhausted like watching The Perfect Storm.

2. The look.  I’m a big fan of the Godzilla 1985 (and DEFINATELY not the Broderick remake) look.  Thank you for bringing Godzilla back more to his roots!

3.  The roar.   Just like hearing Peter Cullen voice Optimus Prime when the Transformers movie came out in 2007, as an old school Godzilla fan it will bring great pleasure when I hear the roar in the theater with surround sound.

For me being a movie fan, it feels so good to get so enthusiastic about seeing an upcoming movie!  Reminds me of being a child again.

While I was creating this post, I stumbled across some things in the trailer that I had not noticed before…and not heard of anyone mentioning this online yet.  Wondering if I may have stumbled onto a clue or an easter egg perhaps.


Godzilla 2014 Trailer

I noticed in the trailer (0:18) some origami on the window…that seemingly resembles… Rodan.  Then around 1:31-1:34, something drops out of the sky from the clouds and falls into the bay (which looks like something with folded wings).  Later at 1:50, you see other fighters dropping from the sky.

Hmmmmm, perhaps we may be dealing with more than one monster in this movie?

Dive Bomb

Dive bomb from the sky?

Wings folded

Folded wings?




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