Yikes, it’s been so long since I’ve made a post I forgot what my password was.  *sigh*

Well, where do I start?  The last post I published was way back in June for my best friend’s wedding.  During this time, I unfortunately lost another family member.  My freelance projects have picked up. Played in a bocce ball league. Picked up some new woodworking and garage tools.  Celebrated another birthday.

Winter is coming

Game of Thrones – Winter is coming

Probably the biggest thing to mention is our winter this year.  It seems as if we have been getting wintry weather ever since November.  Sleet, ice, snow, & subzero temperatures have been plaguing us since December for sure.  Coming back from our winter vacation to single-digit temperatures and several inches of snow was quite a harsh climate change, I must say.   I’m sure my sentiments mirror many people’s thoughts here in the Midwest when I say, “ENOUGH!”  Granted, I don’t mind seeing a change in the seasons and seeing snow really does make me nostalgic and child-like at times…but when you have to deal with high winds, sub-zero temperatures, and ice in the trees and power lines, the “Norman Rockwell fuzzy moments” tend to become short-lived after a while.   Unfortunately, we are expecting another round of heavy snow starting tonight and lasting through tomorrow (6″ – 10″ according to latest reports).

Oh, I have to give a big shout-out to my father-in-law for giving us a good-sized snowblower this Fall. OMG has it been a godsend!  FTR, he went out and got a new snowblower and was nice enough to gift us his old one.  It’s kind of a beast…but hey, it’s got electric start and it does a helluva job!  🙂  It has definitely been worth it’s weight in gold this season, that’s for sure!

While the weather has been crappy, it certainly hasn’t stopped getting out with family friends. Been able to see some great shows out at Sangamon Auditorium. Hosted a “TableTop 135: Super Bowl” party at our house (which turned more into a social gathering with an incredible tasty potluck than a gaming session).  BUT I do plan on an future TableTop session when the weather changes.

Looking forward to spending time indoors tonight with friends eating popcorn and drinking White Russians while playing Wii Bowling; watching The Big Lebowski on DVD; and playing movie trivia before the big storm hits (I believe this one is called Winter Storm Titan).

The Dude

The Big Lebowski

On the work front, things have been going good.  Some of the things I have been working on have been:  updating our Blackboard training videos for the new BB upgrade; working with my team to further upgrade and utilize our studio area; prepping for the upcoming website redesigns; and getting more involved with our training workshops (including creating and facilitating a new workshop on Evernote).

Mind’s Eye Interactive has had a good year so far!  🙂  Worked with several clients (such as the Rochester Public Library and Freezer’s Mobile DJ Service) and been involved in several projects in the last 6 months.

As far as my health, it’s been doing ok until recently. Since I have not been able to get myself into any kind of steady exercise regime, it feels like my body is starting to relapse into a state of disarray.  Weights up a little, sugars have been a bit off…but my biggest issue lately has been my neck and shoulders. To explain simply, I woke up one night with a sore neck and it just went downhill from there.  Felt like it pinched a nerve and started getting pain down my shoulders.  It got so bad that the muscles in my neck and shoulders on both sides spasmed to the point where I could barely move and it felt like whiplash.  That night, I was in a great amount of pain and discomfort (to the point I could honestly say I felt like I was suffering).   The next day I ended up going to Urgent Care to get some relief (which came in the form of a shot with a muscle relaxer).  Lived on Ibuprofen and muscle relaxers for a while until I met with my chiropractor to take a look at what was going on.  Long story short, it’s getting worked out and although it’s not fully healed I’m able to get through the day without much discomfort.  😀  Just hoping the weather will warm up soon so I can get out and exercise…and prep for the upcoming 5K’s in May (the Color Run and the Fat Ass 5K).

Blah, blah, blah. Enough.  Sorry for the wait for those of you who follow my blog.


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