In honor of Memorial Day weekend,  I would like honor those who have willingly and selflessly served and sacrificed for our country to protect my friends, family, and fellow countryman.  I stand somewhat ashamed…knowing so many friends and family who have been a part of the armed forces and put their lives at the risk of discomfort or death.   I feel guilty that I have not walked where others have dared to journey.  That’s why I can never truly convey who appreciative I am for those who have heard the calling and served for the love of our country.

I can only imagine the horrors (and the nightmares) some of our comrades have come to bear for their service.  Watching “Saving Private Ryan” or playing “Call of Duty” may give us a glimpse in what our soldiers have experienced but I don’t think I could ever truly understand or empathize for the things they have seen and experienced in the heat of battle.   I don’t live in urban neighborhood where crime runs rampant and neighbors/children live with the fear day-to-day.

I am thankful I live in a generation that has not experienced a world war…although we have death and despair around the world.  These days, it feels like we have come back to the edge and back again…and although these days seem hard, I still see glimmers of hope and acts of love and kindness all around me.  It makes me smile.

On the behalf of a proud American, thank you!


Posted by synergy711

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