According to Mayan calendar, today is supposedly the last day. Some suspect the end of the world, others may just say that it’s just the end of the calendar and nothing else.

I haven’t given it a lot of weight but I can say I am a little bit concerned if it were to come true. It is very hard to believe what life would be like if were even able to survive this apocalypse that’s supposed to happen. So it’s just much easier to deny it and accept it if or when it happens. No sense to live in fear. Probably more concerned about many of the religious nut jobs or crazy people that might do something stupid just because of this. I do have to say though that everybody seems to be taking it pretty lightly around here. In essence it just seems like another regular day. Guess I wouldn’t wanted any other way.

I sincerely hope that these are not the last of days…because I still have so many things to do, so many things to experience, and so many things to share.

What the part of me that makes me wonder, what if? So I just like to say all my family and friends, I love you all… No matter what happens, you always be with me.

In the meantime, my last day will be spent with my wife and parents down in the Florida Keys. Today truly is a crappy day down here. Overcast skies and cooler 73° and 20mph winds. Still, not a bad place to be the end of all things!

As always, looking forward to tomorrow!


Posted by synergy711

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