It’s no secret that I am a fan of television and movies.  I grew up with them…and some might say that they served as a surrogate parent throughout my life.

For many years, I have dreamt about putting together a “scrapbook” of TV and movie moments which to me exemplified either insightful, emotional, or entertaining characteristics.  I still haven’t let go of the scrapbook yet.  I guess I always let other things come first… things that realistically are more important than spending hours on the computer researching and compiling.  Deep down though, it’s something that I would like put together…not just for myself but to share with others as well.

Maybe I could just start small… a post here and there on the blog…and build my collections slowly.   *raises eyebrow*

I guess I could start out with what I could best term as probably one of the most heartfelt and sad moments in TV.  I was a fan of this show for many years…and I have considered about watching them over again (but yet, still running into that whole free time issue! LOL). I grew to love many of the characters…but especially one in particular.  A loveable character that many could easily relate to.   A divorced father with a young daughter…struggling with his ex-wife over custody while trying to save lives and help run a hospital as the Chief Surgeon.

Mark Greene (played by Anthony Edwards) was a great character.  During Season 8, Mark was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor…and ultimately was forced to quit.   In Season 8: Ep20, “The Letter”, the doctors and staff at County General currently working receive a letter from Mark currently vacationing in Hawaii with Dr. Corday (another ER doc & his wife), and his daughters.  What enfolded during this episode…shocked me.  Even still to this day, I cannot watch this scene with tearing up.

It’s amazing how attached that you can become with a fictional character.  You identify with them, you embrace them, you follow them through their lives.  And in the whole process, somehow they become a part of yours.

I have to say that the loss of ER’s Mark Greene was probably the toughest for me.   Partially because of how he died…and how he choose to live his last days.  I’ve lost family and friends to cancer…and I’ve thought to myself, “what better way to spend your last days than with your family on a tropical island”.

Thank you Anthony for a job well done!


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