You know you’ve all done it.  To trip the light fantastic and dream about what you would do if you came won a big lottery.  Recently, the Powerball Lottery was recently at a jackpot of $570,000,000 to a single winner.  Of course, like many people,  I tend to pick up a few lottery tickets when the jackpot gets upsurdly high like this.  Part of me wonders why…but I guess there’s just that small part of me that wishes for something big.

It’s funny but everytime I check my numbers, I always wait until the following day…find a quiet corner somewhere and check the numbers.  I guess it’s difficult for someone from my generation growing up with Willie Wonka to open up a large candy bar…and not think of that moment.  But I check the numbers on the ticket…hoping that maybe my luck will hold true…for that moment, to feel the moment of utter joy like when we were children.  And if the numbers won…I just know that the following video would just pop into my head (being the movie geek I am):

Of course, the second thing that I would do (other than verifying the ticket again) is to get legal affairs in order before I made the big announcement.  Seems like the best thing to do considering the circumstances.  After that, who knows.

As a sole winner of $580,000,000, if my math is correct, I would expect (minus 40% for taxes, etc) that the “take-home” check would be close to $232,000,000.   WOW!

So what would I do with that kind of money?  Does anyone really know for sure?   I imagine I would do what many people would do.  Pay off their debts. Travel the world. Set up education funds for the family.  Buy a new home & car.   Start my own business.   Prepare for an early retirement.

Sounds great and all but as absurd as it seems, there would still be sooooo much left over…even after all of that.  I guess I would like to donate a large chunk of money to charities…but the thought of people coming out of the woodworks to “schmooze” me for money just repulses me.  Kinda reminds me of “The Jerk” and Cat Juggling. LOL.

FYI: For the record, none of my tickets were close. 😦

Mind you, I’m happy with many different aspects of my life but I have to say there are times where my imagination can truly wonder…and do have this kind of money at my disposal could be a truly wonderful thing.  Although, I am also aware of the responsibilities, worries, and paranoia that ensues with a fortune of this magnitude.

Ahhhhh…but to wonder…such is the life of a modern day Walter Mitty!


Posted by synergy711

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