Today, I give thanks to Facebook for allowing me to connect (and reconnect) with old friends and acquaintences!

Thanks to Facebook, I have been able to connect and share with people who I went to elementary school, high school, and college. People from past jobs and friends of the family have also been able to reconnect.  It’s so great not only to catch up on old times but share all the new things going on in our lives.

This biggest surprise (and the thing I treasure most) was that I was able to connect to two of my oldest friends from my hometown.  As have many of us, circumstances in our lives force us to make changes and sacrifices against our better wishes…and alas good friends get separated.  Each moves on…growing and maturing in their own ways.  But yet, there is always a part of you that remembers that connection…and a curiosity that stirs. We wonder how their lives have played out. We wonder…do they still remember?

Kent & Jeff, I am so glad I was able to find you both after all these years…and it was good to be able to catch up even it has been just a short bit.  Although, things have been a bit crazy in my life lately I am looking forward to seeing you both in person some day soon.  Maybe even a reunion in our old hometown… a couple of Monical’s Pizzas, pitcher of soda, and some good conversation perhaps?  🙂


Posted by synergy711

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