I give thanks to having a job!

I’m sure not many people stop and take the time to think about what having a job really means to them (except maybe when find yourself out of one).  To me, it means so many things:

Self-esteem.  To know that someone feels that they want you on their team; your skills are valuable; and you can contribute to the success of the business.  Sometimes, it can be just as simple as giving me a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

– Security.  A steady paycheck allows me to provide the basic essentials (food, water, shelter, etc.) for my family and I.  It assists in healthcare and retirement for when I get older.

Doing my part.  Having a job allows me to make a contribution and help those around me; my family, my community, the nation, and my fellow man, wherever they may be.

Be a “parent”.  The career I am in allows me to learn, to teach, and to forge new ideas and products.   It’s great to be part of the creative and/or learning processes…and see things develop and grow!

For many people, many people see their jobs as a reflection of themselves.  They invest a significant amount of their time & resources into work that it can be difficult to separate their worth in the workplace aside from their role at home with family and friends.

I am thankful that I have been able to become part of a new colorful team of colleagues within the past six months and look forward to all the possibilities in the years to come!

To friends and family who are looking for employment in these troubled days, my heart goes out to you and I extend a helpful hand.


Posted by synergy711

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