One of the great things I learned from my sister is that you are never too old to be a kid!   Of course as one ascends into adulthood, there comes a time when we are told that childly things must be stripped away in order to “act our age”.  I have rebelled against that for much of my life.  I guess you could call it a minor form of Peter Pan Syndrome.  Mind you, I’m still able to interact with the real world…but you know, the realm of the Imagination (or call it Neverland) can be quite appealing on occasion.

I can’t recall when this started but I noticed that my sister started taking up coloring books as a hobby.  At first I thought it was kinda silly…but I found myself being drawn toward taking it up myself.  Over time, I found that it was quite relaxing.   Not only could I let go of the stresses of the day, focus on a singular thing, and express myself creatively, it allowed the opportunity to regress to an earlier time in my life (which, in my opinion, when the world was much less complicated).   Granted, I don’t do “doodling” often but I certainly do enjoy it when I can.

I have sort of graduated up to “digital doodling” these past few years.   With the aid of Adobe Photoshop and a drawing tablet, I have found different line art drawings online which I have “hand colored”.  The images below are just a few that I have completed:

~ Original Artwork

~ Original Artwork courtesy of
NewGirlComic / DeviantArt

Over time, I have picked up some tricks and tutorials on how commercial artists (or comic artists) use Photoshop to produce their ink and coloring proofs.  Quite interesting.  Here’s a quick video of me coloring an Iron Man line art piece I found of Harvey Tolibao.  (I originally wanted Iron Man by Black Sabbath in the background but the copyright police nixed that idea!)


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