I’m sure we have all felt the same way when our computers start to act up and the time comes to either reformat or replace.   For me, that was this last weekend.  My Mac seemed to have been developing some problems in the directory but applications would not open initially…but if I rebooted the computer, they would work fine.

I worked my magic with the tools at hand but nothing really seemed to resolve the problem.   At that point, I knew something was up.  I racked my brain trying to recollect when the last time my OS was loaded…and came up with nothing.  SO, hence the time came to back up all my personal files, email, movies, music, bookmarks, fonts, etc…

Normally, I make a habit of backing up my files, reformatting (erasing) the hard drive, and starting fresh about every 2-3 years.  Always seems to work so much better and faster once it is completed.  It’s amazing how much stuff your computer can pick up surfing (not to mention all the project files I work on) that it will bog things down over time.   I would recommend to anyone that every two years it’s a good idea to do the same.   Of course, backing up files should be an ongoing process.  “Anything you can’t afford to lose…because Murphy’s Law will strike at the most inopportune moment.”

So, after a good day’s work, my computer is back up and running…yet there are still a few applications left to install.  Boy, Apple sure does make the process easy… 🙂  Thanks Steve J.  Hope you are resting with the angels!


Posted by synergy711

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