If someone asked me if I had the ability to choose another career, what would it be? Aside from being a pilot, I always thought it would be really cool to be… a voice-over artist!  Yeah, it kinda sounds corny but something about having one of those “million-dollar voices” just seemed so cool to me.  It would be a chance to be I guess what could be termed as a “lesser celebrity”.  It’s not like many voice-over artists get stopped on the street or restaurants, chased by paparazzi, or suffer from the cons for big fortune and fame…but utter a few key words and you are instantly recognizable!  You could walk down the street and just be another person in the crowd.

The work (on the surface) would seem pretty easy.  Go into a studio, belt out some lines for a few hours in a wardrobe of your choosing, and enjoy the rest of your day. Or work with other artists in the studio and goof around from time to time.

I’m sure you can recognize a few voices in the following clip:

I guess you are just born with one of the voices…or you smoke 2 packs a day for several years to get that low, scruffy voice.  Not in the cards for me I guess.  But they sound so cool.  Comedian Pablo Francisco is famous for his portrayal of Don LaFontaine (one of the most famous voice-over artists) in his comedy acts.  I agree, with a voice like his, you can make anything sound cool!

Of course nowadays, voice-over work isn’t just limited to movie previews.  Television and videogame industries are producing more high-quality content and enlisting professional actors to perform in their work.  Some quick internet research shows that voice-over artists can make as low as $30K a year to upwards of $500K for celebrity voice talent.  Not too shabby if you ask me!


Posted by synergy711

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