Last night, I happened to catch an episode of Paranormal Witness (which I don’t normally watch…but it was better than watching the Presidential Debates) on TV. After a few minutes I realized that the story was the same story that was captured in the movie “Fire In the Sky” (a story about a UFO encounter and alien abduction).  Of course as with most abduction stories, it takes you through what seems to be a rollercoaster surreal ride between fiction and non-fiction.  For the record, I’m not a giant UFO/alien fanatic but I can’t discount the fact that we are not alone in the universe.  The odds that no other intelligent life in the universe is smart enough for interstellar / interdimensional travel PLUS the fact of the thought the human race is completely alone in the universe is quite unsettling .  Carl Sagan may have put it best as he wrote:

I’ll tell you one thing about the universe, though. The universe is a pretty big place. It’s bigger than anything anyone has ever dreamed of before. So if it’s just us…seems like an awful waste of space
~ Contact (1997)

It’s easy to say that if we did have contact with extra-terrestrial life, the impact and ramifications would be “astronomical” . Man may be forced to question his existence, his religion, his everyday life.  But they may be better suited for another post at a later time.  I digress…

So as I was watching this episode, I started remembering Fire In the Sky…but another movie (which I have not watched in some time) popped into my head.  Communion (1989) is a story based on author Whitley Strieber’s account of alien abduction in their cabin in Upstate New York (Strieber initially stated the story was true but later admitted it was a personal dream he had).  It did not receive great critical reviews but the movie was creepy and disturbing enough that it left a mark on my warped brain. Christopher Walken’s portrayal of Strieber definately adds weight to the film but the plot while interesting is obscured in the filmmaking.

After watching the film, I was left with a few key elements that still reside with me today.  I think most people can relate to the notion of the “bogeyman”…a figure or monster in your house or in your room while you are sleeping.

There will still be times where I will wake up late at night (for what seems to be no reason)…and I casually take a moment to look around the room for the “boogey man”.  🙂  Haven’t found one yet!  Also, we have a nest of trees around our subdivision…so sometimes when I take the dog out in the backyard at night so she can do her “business” I will look up to the skies just so that maybe I might catch a glimpse of something otherworldly.   I remember I had a dream once where I was looking into the backyard…and saw a dark shape hovering over the trees.  No noise…moving slowly.  Creeped me out…  Probably another reason why I look up into the sky from time to time.

One of the more interesting things that came out of both movies (Communion & Fire In The Sky) was the notion that the alien form we commonly identify with…is not truly the alien.  What we are seeing is an environmental suit…similar in someways to what our astronauts wear in space.  The more I thought about it, the more it made sense.  It’s safe to say that aliens may not be able to adapt to our atmosphere, our climate,  or our gravity.  So the aliens we see  could be an android/robot/ROV of sorts for aliens to be able to interact in our environment.  Could be a shape for something that has no shape.  Makes ya wonder… But it boils down to the fact that if we happen to visit a neighboring planet, aliens would be greeted by a pair of humans donned in bulky space suits…and would they think the same thing?

On a completely different note, Communion has a great theme song (composed by Allan Zavod and someone you might recognize…Eric Clapton) which is repeated throughout the movie.

Course, since it has been so long since I have seen this movie…listening to the soundtrack…and typing about it, I’m gonna have to make a point to watch it again soon.  If you haven’t seen it before, I would recommend seeing it once (especially if you are a Christopher Walken fan).  If you are not able to rent/stream it, I did find a copy of YouTube (for now) that you can watch.

“The older I get, the more I believe in what I can’t explain or understand, even more than the things that are explainable and understandable.”
~ Lillian Gish

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